Who is agyness deyn dating

You know, when you’ve been seeing each other for months, they’ve met your friends, stayed over at yours, and you’ve even Instagrammed your dates – and kept their face in the pictures.house, and your little finger in the background of a dinner snap is the closest you’ve gotten to featuring in one of their social media posts.When they talk about guys they’re dating and I hear them making the same mistakes that I used to make, I want to give advice. It’s exactly what girls with boyfriends used to do to single me, dole out soundbites of how ‘none of that matters with the right guy’ or ‘it was just so easy with me and X’.

On our first Valentine Day together this year, I made snide comments about it on Instagram rather than admitting that I was having a great time.

I feel guilty, like I somehow let my single girls down and became the enemy.

I never want to lose myself to another person and disregard the strength I had when it was just me looking after me.

Being single is an education in yourself that shouldn’t be tossed aside just because you graduate into a relationship.

This was the version of myself I had committed to, and the version my friends had grown accustomed to.