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the relation of -21 to 13:1-7 and 13:1-7 to 13:8-14).

It seems that Paul's focus on "good" and "evil" in , 21 and the Christian's responsibility to be at peace with all people () provide sufficient basis for seeing a logical connection to 13:l-7—even though no grammatical connection is explicitly made through the use of or some other Pauline connector.

Virtually every serious commentary on the book of Romans has had to wrestle with the integrity of the last two chapters of the work, especially chapter 16.

Kallas gives two general and three specific reasons for concluding that Romans 13:1-7 is an interpolation.

We may proceed with the confidence that this passage is truly from the hand of Paul. Others have followed in a similar vein for various reasons including the assumption that the letter reads better if understood to refer to a Jewish Christian audience well as the fact that he says that he explicitly addresses them as Gentiles () and says that they have received mercy due to Jewish unbelief—all this seems to indicate a Gentile audience. From the lack of a reference to the church at Rome (i.e. Nero was in power, but in the early part of his reign (A. but this does not appear to be relevant at the time of the writing of Romans.

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