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For sale since on Bruno Spagnoli: TT 2500 hours, very good Dacron covering, VHF 720 cx, intercom.

One of the numerous little details in the story of the DR100 series! Picture from Wayne Kilner's Jodel Picture Gallery, taken 27 August 2000 at the Castelnau (France) Fly-In. This aircraft has always been private and hangared, and never had an accident. Info and picture supplied 6 August and 6 September 2000 by Dave Thomas, who is also the owner of the remaining parts of the aircraft, which he is using for his own project (see entry for s/n 871).

A day after that, David Wise offered to send me his DR.100 series production list (which I gladly accepted, thanks David! Then finally in early November, Robin Sauvary sent a list which he had compiled together with his friend David Wise some years ago. : Aircraft was at Popham in April 1997 (see picture). : New info from the owner, Chris Joly: "Now back in the air again with C of A valid until April 2006." Chris also offered the his new address displayed above. From Julian Carter 10 July 2000: "The aircraft stopped flying in 1969 due to failure of the glue joints in the wing.

Now I had some work to do: Integrate the information of three different lists (Pascal Brugier(PB), David Lenton (DL), David Wise (DW)) into my own list. It then had various owners acquiring a new wing along the way and was registered as a PFA project in the seventies.

The remarks column contains additional information about the specific aircraft, with sources for the information presented given as link if possible. : Found a photo of this aircraft on taken in 1990 at Moorsele (EBMO), Belgium. From Pete : "Aircraft crashed Ash House Farm, Winsford, 3 September 1978." DW: Used as an instructional airframe since then. 03 July 2001: Engine: Continental C90-14F (Source). : Added photo taken by Wayne Kilner in August 2002 at the Castelnau (France) Fly-In.

If there is a number in parantheses behind a registration number, the number indicates that this registration was issued more than once. : New photo of this aircraft on it at Kemble, UK (EGBP) on July 12, 2003. Graham John Slater, 24 Priorsfield, Marlborough, SN8 4AQ, UK ( -) T. Thorp, Maple House, The Whities, Burbage, Marlborough, SN8 3TT, UK & G. Slater, 24 Priorsfield, Marlborough, SN8 4AQ, UK, truestees of DX Group ( (??

Due to the size of the table contained on this page (approx. Formatting of the table takes quite long with Netscape but works rather fast with Microsoft Internet Explorer :-( I have made an attempt to find information on all the Jodel DR.100 series aircraft ever built. The right-hand gear failed at its attachment point to the wing, bending to an angle of approximately 45 and the right wing came to rest on the runway. ex F-BJUE (03/1961-12/1973), OO-VDV (12/1973- ), G-IOSO (-). First flight in Belgium under registration OO-VDV on 8 December 1973 at Moorsele Airfield, Belgium where it was flying until March 2000. Aircraft sold 05 April 2000 to Alan Jackson in the UK, to be re-registered G-IOSO.