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Various members from the non-denominational Christian Church formed the Council on Christian Union in 1910 which made a distinction in direction from independent Christian Churches and the Restoration Movement.

Alexander ceased publication of The Christian Baptist. Two representatives of those assembled were appointed to carry the news of the union to all the churches: John Rogers, for the Christians and "Raccoon" John Smith for the reformers. With the merger, there was the challenge of what to call the new movement.

In January 1831, he began publication of the Millennial Harbinger. Clearly, finding a Biblical, non-sectarian name was important.

"The Last Will" is a brief document in which Stone and five others announced their withdrawal from Presbyterianism and their intention to be solely part of the body of Christ.

The writers appealed for the unity of all who follow Jesus, suggested the value of congregational self-governance, and lifted the Bible as the source for understanding the will of God.

Campbell anticipated the conflict and moved his membership to a congregation of the Mahoning Baptist Association in 1824.