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Also, there’s nothing else a like me loves more than two dudes in a stable loving relationship, amirite. The following games aren’t particularly big in terms of story or development but are mentioned because of their quirkiness and unique aspects. A simple flash game about romancing a dinosaur, has you meeting your classmate Taira-kun (who is a Tyrannosaurs Rex) to buy a new ukulele after he dropped and broke his own at a performance you encouraged him to give.

Just remember to choose your options wisely if you don’t wish to get a bad ending!

What made this game so amazing was its representation of both single, and gay parents in a loving and wholesome relationship with their children.

In this game, you play as a teenage girl who goes to a ranch to meet hot guys but ends up meeting Yuuma, the talking horse with a handsome human head.

And it turns out the only explanation for why you are able to see him in this form is because you’re “born in the year of the horse”.

Play A parody on the pretty boy troupe and the classic Boys Love story, all the characters look like they were designed by an 8-year-old and come with impossibly long chins (spoiler alert: you actually get stabbed on one of the routes).

You’re thrown into the game as an unnamed male protagonist who transfers to the elite all-boys Baramon High School where you’re continuously romanced by deformed males using ridiculous methods in hilariously dumb scenarios.

Dating sims have been making a comeback over the years, but what exactly urges people to play these ordinary simulation games about trying to get into the pants of 2D characters that aren’t even real?