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Simply having an off-sounding premise doesn't immediately qualify for this trope, as sometimes a movie inspired by 1930's pulp space adventures or psychedelic rock with horror themes ends up being wildly successful anyway. Associated tropes and genres include: Compare Germans Love David Hasselhoff when a work winds up much more popular in another country due to differences in tastes and Values Resonance.

When the alienated audience is in another country, it's Americans Hate Tingle. Public Medium Ignorance is for works which suffer from a strong tendency to be audience alienating.

Sometimes attempts to mimic styles popular from other cultures comes off as too different for audiences to understand and appreciate, even though it is a fine example of that genre in its own right.

In many cases an oddball work is shunned on release only to become a Cult Classic, often being either Vindicated by Video or Vindicated by Cable.

Sadly, due to how it "sounds", many people won't try it out.