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Faculty who take time to plan and prepare seem to have the easiest time with the transition.

It's interesting to note the increasing popularity of phased retirement programs, which allow faculty to step down gradually, and take stock and make adjustments as the process evolves.

Like recruitment and retention, retirement needs to be treated as a strategic issue." From the perspective of the institution, why is it critical to treat the topic of faculty retirement strategically?

Strage/Merdinger: Ever since 1994, it's been pretty much up to faculty members themselves to decide when they want to retire.

As I did this, I became fascinated with the variety of paths faculty took as they made their way up the academic ladder.

I began to see patterns in what people found as relatively easy to navigate and what they found challenging at various points in their careers.

In 2012, Amy and I co-authored the ACE/Sloan Faculty Transitions application for our campus, an award that focused on best practices for the transition of faculty from full-time employment to full retirement.

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