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Alex helps Stacy and Cutter get rid of Rex and Aubrey.

Later Cutter finds out that Stacy is really Gigi and that Stacy is the one who died in the basement.

On February 16, 2010, Stacy falls through the ice of a frozen lake; despite Rex and Oliver's attempts to save her, she disappears beneath the ice and is presumed dead.

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Rex and Gigi reunite as Stacy's blackmail is revealed.

Rex spurns Stacy, but she discovers that she is pregnant.

Stacy Morasco is a fictional character from the ABC Daytime soap opera One Life to Live.

Crystal Hunt originated the role on February 6, 2009 and played the role until March 9, 2010.

Stacy makes fast friends with Gigi and Rex's son Shane, although Gigi is somewhat uncomfortable with Stacy's influence.