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It was some twisted amalgamation of cursive, with a weird left-handed slant to it, twisting every which way on lined paper ripped from a spiral notebook.

It was half crumpled, had cigarette ash stains, smears, thumbprints.

Written for the lovely rbfvid who made the following requests: Willow is friends with the Trio and never became a Scooby Dark! Most of my contributions don't work without the background created by other authors, but some can be read as stand-alone stories with a little editing. This also contains comment fic and other odds and ends.

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For the moneyed, the powerful and even the President, Olivia is a legend in her field.

Her spectacular success is mostly due to her unbreakable rule of always trust your gut.

No matter how careful you are, when you do damage control for a living, you're bound to cause some damage to your own life.

She and her crew eat, sleep, live and breathe crisis.

Each week, as the team races against the clock to defuse intriguing new problems before they become full-blown disasters, they also have to deal with their own personal issues.