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Potential benefits are convenient and efficient ion production.This depends on overcoming the large C measurement with background limited by sample chemistry is routine. A problematic measurement interference remains, however. The small spectrometer was procured to add measurement capacity, and for experiments with positive ions, but is now the preferred instrument for both convenience and measurement quality.

Ion beams having a phase space with angular distributions based on small angle scattering and with energy distributions caused by the straggling in foils or stripper gas can be included in transmission calculations.

As an example, a new design for Be measurements with the 600 k V AMS system at ETH Zurich including a silicon nitride degrader foil is discussed, which will allow competitive measurements of this cosmogenic radionuclide at low energies.

The method can also be applied to detection of other trace entities.

Possible applications include microdosing studies in drug development, individualized sub-therapeutic tests of drug metabolism, carbon dating and real time monitoring of atmospheric radiocarbon.

This paper gives an outline of the events that led to the first conference together with a brief account of the first four conferences before the introduction of the second generation of accelerator mass spectrometers at AMS 5.