Dating headshots a scam

The unthinkable is happening at facilities across the country: Vulnerable senior citizens are being raped and sexually abused by the very people paid to care for them.

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It could be tempting to dismiss her story as drug-induced hallucinations or the confusion of a stroke survivor. " This woman, pictured above and at the top of this story, is now in a nursing home where she feels safe.

Police might find her the very definition of an unreliable witness. She says the man who aggressively cornered her that day, sticking his hand up her shirt and fondling her breasts, was a nursing aide named Luis Gomez. But she is still haunted by what she says happened to her at the Brian Center in Waynesville, North Carolina. I thought, 'I need to tell someone,' but I was afraid no one would believe me." She was right. The woman told police that the director of nursing at the Brian Center Health & Rehabilitation, Gail Robertson, reacted to the story with disbelief.

She was living at a different place then -- the Brian Center, a 77-person nursing home on the outskirts of this mountain town.

"I had been attacked, attacked by a man sexually," she tells us, lying in her bed and fully dressed in high-heeled boots, with other clothing and shoes mixed in with her sheets.

Instead, an officer was asked to take the woman to a nearby hospital.