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I would want to easier the Data Grid View Text Box Cell editing by allowing the user to validate their entry by pressing Enter or cancel it by pressing Esc. Width = 195; -- -- rows local row = dotnetobject "Data Grid View Row"; local cell = dotnetobject "Data Grid View Text Box Cell"; row. but when Data Grid View control is in Max Rollout it doesn't work. I will try to restore this editing behavior inside max rollouts by extending the current Data Grid View like you did...

I saw your solution in another thread and tried it but it didn't catch Enter and Esc (others keys were well catched) , whether I set Accept Returns or not. But if you know an easy way to reproduce max rollout behavior with full dotnet objects and forms, it is even better!

I am not at work anymore to post my tries now but I will do it tomorrow morning.

The native dhtmlx Grid validation described above doesn't affect Data Processor behaviour. All changes made in the grid are sent to the server, no matter if they're correct or not.

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