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All three of them travel to Chicago, where they discover ...

See more ยป Only just encountered this series, but let me tell how much I enjoy it. It's a series about Polish soldiers during the WW2. In this aspect, this show doesn't differ from American shows made during the Cold War, which always depict the officials of the Soviet Union (and especially Russians) as a bunch of morons, easily double-crossed by the clever American protagonists. It seems to me there are an awful lot of German soldiers in it speaking Polish, but you rarely see a Polish soldier that speaks German.

The characters are all funny and likable, and the whole show is tremendously entertaining, even now in 2010. I've heard comments about "it not being cool anymore to cheer the Russians and their allies in the WW2," but pray, who am I supposed to root for? There you go, now both sides have their negative aspects, happy-happy.

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He had no idea if it was feasible or not, but he thought it was worth a shot.