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Last week the display flashed up that there was an HDC fault but it went away.

Yesterday the amber warning triangle and exclamation mark with the anti-clockwise circular arrow warning light came on permanently.

The fuse had blown, which they replaced and it blew again. Originally quoted 49 VAT - then came to say further fault diagnosis needed.

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They were unable to check if the RDCM is functioning. Well - at the weekend will be testing their theory with another cable before replacing it. Glad to hear its not just me that receives a poor service from L/Rover dealers then ! The laugh is they charge top prices but never seem to have any quality techs who really know what they are talking about !

Yes, they remind me of that TV sketch with David Walliams dressed as a dreary woman saying "the computer says no" to any question and then being slapped round the face with 100 billfor the privilege.

I also have the following messages: "HDC Fault - System not available" "Transmission Fault" "Special Programs off" There is no light on the terrain respnse system and when I turn the knob it displays "Terrain response system faulty".