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Rapid expansion of pupil numbers led to a further £10 million building project, completed in autumn 2017, and the College now boasts some of the finest facilities of any secondary school in Cambridgeshire.

Further building work is now planned on an adjacent campus; we have been asked by the Local Authority to provide secondary education for the new Cambourne West development, opening in September 2019.

[Tabled on the motion of Councillor Kelley on Dec 18, 2017] I remember when the term "Sustainability" was first popularized.

It took people years to decide what the word really meant with various interested people and groups trying to fashion it in a way that suited their ideals and/or agendas. Though I have some idea what the term "Resiliency" might mean, e.g.

Here's an excerpt of what I wrote there: The Memorial Drive Stop & Shop closed in May 1994 which left the Cambridgeport area very much in need of a local supermarket.