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Last week the US actress, 36, and the Prince, 33, announced their engagement and will tie the knot in May next year.

All of those elements, which could potentially run through the difficult period of Christmas, are now predicted to take around 40 days.

This is not the timescale that either party set when Ashley formally put the club up for sale once more in October and Staveley first showed her hand. That deadline has passed, and the two sides have still a lengthy process to go through.

She was apparently pursued by the now LA Galaxy full-back but since she didn't know who he was, she asked for the opinion of a journalist.

Katie Hind told Mail Online: "Producing an i Phone from her handbag, she pointed to the picture of a good-looking man on her Twitter account, and said: 'Do you know this guy, Ashley Cole? "It came a few years after Cole's divorce from Cheryl in 2010, when he was playing for Chelsea.

Benitez is worried about his ability to compete in the January transfer window.