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Of course, if you are a teenager, three to six months can be an eternity as few relationships at that age have any real longevity, but if you are a mature adult and you really are concerned with your partner telling you he loves you, take this factors into consideration. As stated, the length of your relationship is the first point to consider.

If it is less than three months old, are you sure that you are feeling love yourself or is it the blush of a new affair? Don’t worry if he loves you, focus on how you feel about him!

On our first date we planned to meet at a bar for drinks, then go to his friend's show.

My phone died on my way to the date, and I couldn't let him know I was there.

I was plugging my phone in next to his bed when I saw earrings.

The days leading to our departure, there was just a weird vibe in the communication.

2) If you have been involved for more than a three month period consider whether your partner is attentive and consistent.

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    There were “players,” those who were just horny and despicable, and there were doers, or at least potential doers, the true bad guys.

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    Sadly, a lot of relationships collapse before they even get off the ground because the girl can’t handle the sudden decrease in daily texts and instead of dealing with it, she lashes out at the guy and demands explanations for every text he doesn’t reply to.