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The most important thing is that the mother is healthy.

So far, everything is normal and we've had no issues.

Hopefully our baby will sit still long enough for us to see if they're a boy or girl. Hi, I'm new to this forum too and so glad it exists!

VERY healthy I did't check out the link suggested above- it may say all this already- or the opposite.

Of course I do not know your individual case, but if sharing my own experience with you helps at all, great! There's a thread and a link on here about treatment, can't think where tho!

But the ER doctor and my general physician tell me not to take it because it passes through the fetal cord and can result in fetal fetality or birth defects. The amount they give to crohns patients is way less than they give to organ recipients.

Both options are scary I don't know what to do and I would really like some insight on others experiences. At that dose its really unlikely to cause problems and its way safer than flaring during pregnancy.

I will post a video for your information by the Mayo clinic. I myself found out I was pregnant 3 months into the pregnancy...surprise!